UACHS’ latest ray of sunshine

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Jessye Greene

UACHS’ latest ray of sunshine

Everyone needs someone to brighten up their day and Lisa Sambula is a ray of sunshine!

Although she was born in New York, New York, Sambula was raised in Nicaragua, Central America. Sambula’s first language was Spanish and her second language is English.

“I actually was a late bloomer, I went to college at 37 years old,” said Sambula. “College took a lot of hard work, tears, and laughter.”

“Sambula attended Hudson Community College in New Jersey to get her associate’s degree. She then went to NJCU to get her bachelors in secondary education. She did not always want to be a teacher but rather, she wanted to be a lawyer. Sambula did not feel like that profession was right for her so she became a teacher.

Sambula worked with formal schooling at Union Hill middle school. She also worked with the board of education.

In Sambula’s years of teaching, she often had big classes in blocks (long period of time). Now that Sambula is in UACHS, she likes that she can interact with each student more due to the small classes.

Sambula is not your ordinary English teacher. She does many other things, she also teaches Creative writing.

“I also teach ESL over at Hudson Community College,” said Sambula.

Aside from teaching, Sambula has many other interests. She loves to sing and enjoys watching Spanish language soap operas.

“I’m a big karaoke junky,” said Sambula.

Sambula believes she is a friendly and outgoing person. She says she loves people, but she loves making people happy more.

“I just feel like I have positive energy because no matter what I go through, I say to myself, ‘I need to check that at the door, and bring only my best self,’” said Sambula.

In five years from now, Sambula hopes that she would get or have her masters in education. She would also like to be at UACHS for long time.  

Her attachment to her students has lead to her decision of not having her own children, as she would rather focus on her students.

Sambula loves the school and loves the kids attending even more. This teacher is here to stay!


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UACHS’ latest ray of sunshine