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Jessye Greene

Let’s get Social

In case you haven’t noticed the diversity of staff has increased in UACHS.

There is a new staff member by the name of Erika Woods.

Woods was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. As a high schooler, she attended Ferris High School. When Woods was 18-years-old, she received the blessing of a baby, unfortunately from this point she was labeled as a statistic.

“Because most people think that teenagers who have a kid at a young age don’t achieve all of their dreams. They think a baby stops parents from doing what they want to do or they have to be on welfare statistically,” stated Woods.

But regardless the label people may have given her, Woods continued to strive and got her bachelor’s degree at Hudson County College for criminal justice. Yet, she later found out that criminal justice was very limited with the jobs. From this experience, she realized that she loved to work people and sought to make it her career.

“I always liked to help people. I have always been the friend that everyone came to. I was always the person that gave a lending hand,” said Woods.

So, she went back to college Rutgers University to be a social worker.

“The good thing about being a social worker is that you can help kids, adults, you can help anyone,” said Woods.

Woods always wanted to work in a school because she saw the reasons of student dropouts and students not following their dreams. She worked in every [facility] you can think of. This prepared Woods to come to UACHS to make a difference.

Besides working at UACHS Woods works as a social worker.Woods work a social worker any where she fits in, she helps everyone with no limitations.

“People usually think that all social workers are difisa workers. But that’s not [true] we are actually case workers,” said Woods.

Today, Woods is juggling having three kids and is back in college pursuing her PhD.

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Let’s get Social