Yesterday’s 8th Graders Today’s Freshmen

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Jamilla Burrows-Mincey

Yesterday’s 8th Graders Today’s Freshmen

From the oldest in middle school to the youngest in high school, it is a new beginning for the freshmen as they start a new chapter in their lives.

UACHS is programmed to offer students a high school experience with college in mind. This school works with a service-learning theme. The teachers here have high expectations for their students and they encourage students to meet these standards through a small school setting where teachers and students grow close in classes with 20 students or less.

Mark Anthony, middle school graduate of Frank R Conwell Middle School, was already thinking of college before walking through UA’s doors.“I came to University for the scholarship to NJCU” said Anthony.

Because of UACHS being open to new things and different from other high schools,many students have chosen to come here.

Former graduate of Jersey City Community Charter School, Mylia Adams, chose to attend University Academy. She wants to be on her A-game and is ready for anything that comes to her.

“I came here for the benefits, having a 3.2 gpa for college, try new things and meeting new people,” said Adams.

           The new students know that high school is going to be really different than middle school.

“High school teaches you more stuff than middle school….the teachers are more strict” saids Anthony.

University Academy is making kids more mature and helping them grow up into successful young adults they are destined to be.

“It’s time for business and its time to get our work done because high school is serious,” said Adams. “It is a big step and in order for me to accomplish it, I have to stop playing games and focus.”

Despite all the new things they have to get used to, the freshmen are looking forward to the rest of the school year here at University Academy.

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Yesterday’s 8th Graders Today’s Freshmen