We are more than our ranking

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Tiffany Ortiz

We are more than our ranking

Imagine yourself walking into school on a normal day. You say hi to your friends in the hallway, walk to your first period class and get ready for the teacher to begin. Then suddenly your teacher gives you news that your school is shutting down and you as well as all your other classmates will have to leave the school.

UACHS was founded in 2002. It has been 16 years since it was established. I personally believe that this school can do so much better than it is right now and it needs to happen soon.

According to Niche.com, UACHS has a rank of 12 under “best charter schools in New Jersey.” The website gives UACHS a C+ overall grade in categories such as academics, diversity, teachers, college preparation, clubs & activities, and health & safety.

One way that UACHS can improve is by creating more clubs that the students are actually interested in joining. If the students have something to look forward to after school, it is possible that these students will enjoy coming to school more which will raise their overall performance in class.

Senior Darlene Chacon came to UACHS her junior year of highschool due to her school, “Great Futures Charter High School for the Health and Sciences,” being shut down. In result of that experience, she feels that UACHS has a few things that it needs to improve.

“I think they should have a better variety of sports. For example, volleyball. They should have longer lunch times, and also they should have more activities like spring formal, winter formal, etc.,” said Chacon.

Another way the school could improve is in preparing its student for college.

According to freshman Hannah Ortiz, she can see how the school helps out in terms of getting into college but is not sure yet if the school is actually preparing her for college.

“I mean they do give you a free scholarship to NJCU if you stay above a B average but I don’t really know if they are preparing me for college,” said Ortiz.

If our school does, it’s best to acknowledge the things that can make our school better and rectify them, not only will UACHS be the best possible experience for the students but it will boost the overall perception the school.

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We are more than our ranking