Reinforced school with a Focus on the Rules

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Kyla Harris

 Reinforced school with a Focus on the Rules

Are there new school policies or are the old school policies just being reinforced?

Director of Grants & Special Programs, Joseph Timpanaro stated staff members are reinforcing the school policies this year and are making sure they follow the policies themselves.

“Teachers model how you follow the rules so if they are not following the rules themselves, why should students,” said Timpanaro. “So we met with teachers and we set our goals this year to… really tighten up,” said Timpanaro.

At UACHS, latenesses are amongst the main reasons why students fail. Hence, why staff has been pushing teachers to close their doors after the second bell rings. If a student is late, they will have to go downstairs to retrieve a late pass.

“… [students are either] not in class or not getting the assignments that they need, because of their grade or they went over 20 absences, and so they fail as a result,” said Timpanaro. “That is why we have been so annoying with the late passes,” said Tip.

Assistant Principal, Sean Sawyer mentioned that staff just wanted to reinforce rules that were already in place so that everyone in the school were united.

“The cellphones, we really want to be away because we want students to be focused on the structure,” said Sawyer.

Aside from the cellphones policy, Sawyer also wants students to not have the headphones in while on there way to class, in addition to remain in uniform while in class and in the hallways. With those rules Sawyer sees a change in certain students to a degree. Luckily for students like Joshua Johnson and Nafeesah Starks, changing for gym is the one uniform policy that’s been excepted.

“I like not having to change for gym this year because it is much easier leaving the house not having to worry about bringing or buying a change of clothes for gym,” said Johnson and Starks.

Although it may be hard for students to adjust to the reinforced rules , students attempt to abide by them so that their high school year will go by smoothly.

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Reinforced school with a Focus on the Rules