Holland Brings Love To UACHS

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Kyla Harris

Holland Brings Love To UACHS

Although many may see Exavior Holland as a hall monitor and a school aid, his job is much bigger than that. Holland is also a protection for the school and is in charge of making sure that students get to gym safely.

Holland grew up in a large family of seven siblings and a few step siblings. He always loved to protect and provide for them as if they were his own children.

“It feels great because I have a lot of siblings and it helps when it comes to working with kids because I’m here to do the job I do at home, only difference is I don’t know you guys personally,” said Holland.

Holland is from New York, where he attended school in the Bronx and Harlem. In New York he received his Associates degree. From there in New York, Hollands  occupation was an activity leader and mentor at Embassy summer where he worked with kids from all over the country except for the U.S and mentored people in their prime.

“It was different but it was my second year doing it , I was more of a mentor to the other staff members and it is funny because I was the youngest staff member,” said Holland.

Holland also loves working with kids because of his previous experiences. His sister also encouraged him to work with children because she saw his love for kids.

“I love working with kids so that was a job I was happy to go back to. This school reminds me of my middle school.” said Holland.

Other than working with kids Holland has other interests.

“I like to listen to music, hip hop R&B, rap, but I like to have a large selection of music I listen to,” said Holland. “I love to play sports, I like math, chess, and I love to shop.”

Today, Holland is working on getting his bachelors degree and working with children in a more influential way and getting to know them personally.

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Holland Brings Love To UACHS