UACHS’s Halloween Costume: Green & Yellow

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Leylah Qualo

UACHS’s Halloween Costume: Green & Yellow

    Halloween is typically the one day of the year everyone is able to express themselves or simply dress up to stand out.

    At UACHS, we have very few dress down days, only during spirit week. Many students, such as Juniors Priscilla Nuñez, Ashante Barnes and Khaaliq Moore wished they would increase the amount of dress down days for students.

    “Isn’t halloween supposed to be when everyone can express themselves?” said Nuñez.

    If organized correctly, a Halloween dress down could be a fun, safe day of the year for students to dress in costume. Many schools in Jersey City provide students with the opportunity to dress down throughout the year.

   Other than giving students the opportunity to dress down for self-expression, this privilege may give UACHS students a reason to keep up their grades and stay on top of their leadership points, it’s similar to the reward lunch program that allows students the opportunity to go outside for lunch. Principal Lugo on the other hand feels that dress down days, even during a holiday, could be a security issue.

    “If you look around most schools, they don’t allow halloween costumes,” said Lugo. “For me it’s a huge security concern.”

    Students like UACHS juniors Priscila Nuñez and Ashante Barnes believe that school administrators make it hard for them to express themselves with the strict everyday uniform policies, making the lack of flexibility even during a holiday unreasonable.

     “If it’s a security issue then we should just have student IDs so teachers can tell who we are when we walk in the building,” said Barnes.

    If the school enforced more security for one day to give us a break from our school work, we can have a fun, safe Halloween.

    “The student ID thing would definitely make things easier, even if it’s just for Halloween,” said Nuñez.

    Though costumes could possibly be a positive addition to the school year, staff and teachers have yet to forget past dress down related incidents that date back to their first years here at UA, so it will most likely be awhile before we get to throw on our costumes on the 31st.

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