UACHS Making Touchdowns In Different Schools

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Keith Bracey

UACHS Making Touchdowns In Different Schools

Ferris Bulldogs, Lincoln Lions, Snyder Tigers: all have common points in football for this season. But if you do some research about the teams, you will notice there are some UACHS students.

As the season continues, many teams are making an impact on Jersey City as they go head to head and fight for the same thing every other team is fighting for,High School Championship.

Jamar Casey and Felix Igiri (seniors) lead the Lincoln Lions to a 3-0 start to the football. Let us talk about the season and the expectations for the Lincoln Lions.

Casey explained that due to the huge timing putting into football, he is very much dedicated regardless of time and place. No matter what happens from his life to the field,he is known for his dedication in showing up.

“Being dedicated to a school for a sport that you don’t go to is a lot especially with traveling, schoolwork and practicing.” said Casey.

Snyder Tigers football team has started off the season with a score of 0-3. While fans and players believe that the season is “over with” due to the way the season started, some athletes still have faith in their team until the final game due to their dedication.

Amongst the Snyder Tigers football team, one of the players happens to be UACHS’ very own Dwayne Jennings. Being he is in his final year of playing, he will “show up and show out”, meaning he is ready to dominate his opponents.

Jennings was asked what issues his opinion on the season. Here is what is his response on the season.

“The season is just starting and we are improving as a group,” said Jennings. “The longer the season grows, the more we will [as a team].”

This current season has been, as some Ferris players have said, devastating for the Ferris Bulldogs as they record sitting at 0-3. Students and fans are expecting the team to come out and make a playoff run. The Ferris football team is trying to make a good enough record for the playoffs, unlike last season.

“I have full faith and hope in my team,” said Derek. “Even though I’m not playing this season, I will be there to support them 100%”.

All teams are going to make a run for the championship competing against each other and other teams. Let’s see how the results are at the end of the season for all teams.

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