Chalk, Paper, Scissors…Guns?

Safa Mostafa

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Safa Mostafa

Chalk, Paper, Scissors…Guns?

Teachers have their own objective for each class to make sure you learn something you did not know before and that you are safe while doing so. However, there’s another bullet they might have to add to their objective.

This past Valentine’s day, 17 victims were pronounced dead at Stoneman Douglas High School when a 19-year-old former student, Nikolas Cruz, took the lives of students and teachers with his licensed semi-automatic 15 rifle. Although this shooting left many in heartbreak across the nation, this is not the first shooting in 2018. In the past 3 months, America has had a total of 18 school shootings according to The Washington Post. Since 2000, America has had more than 188 shooting in high schools and universities and that is not including this year’s shootings.

Cruz’s actions caused President Donald Trump to propose an idea called “conceal carry”. He explained to The New York Times that teachers should be armed with guns to ensure the safety of students, the teachers would first go into training and be certified to carry a concealed gun.

“A gun free zone to a maniac [because they’re all cowards] is let’s go in and attack because bullets aren’t coming back at us,” said Trump.

Surprisingly, statistics from showed that 60 percent of Americans agree with Trump and believe that teachers should have firearms. Chemistry and Human anatomy teacher, Allan Jauregui somewhat agrees with the President in the sense of safety for the students.

“I personally know certain teachers who served in the military that wouldn’t mind carrying a gun in order to save other students if there was a shooter,” said Jauregui. “On the other hand, I think there are certain teachers that shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. Certain teachers that wouldn’t be comfortable to carry a gun and that’s fine.”

As for the 40 percent who oppose arming teachers with guns, that is where I stand; being a student who lives in Greenville, Jersey City, I have already witnessed many effects of gun violence.

Assistant principal, Sean Sawyer agreed that teachers should not be armed.

“Let the teachers teach,” said Sawyer. “It makes way for mistakes to happen. If you’re a teacher, you’re trained to teach English, you’re not trained to use a gun.”

Not only will “conceal carry” add more guns to communities everywhere in the US, but it will not decrease the number of school shootings. It is rather more logical to have an update on the gun laws; such as raising the legal age to own a gun. Background checks should also become stricter for anyone who wants a licensed gun. In the end, a lot of changes need to be made in order to make schools a safer place.

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