Review: The Great Wall

Angel Guzman, Sports Editor

Directed by Zhang Yimou

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Rating :★★★★☆

There are many legends and myths behind the construction of The Great Wall. Many claim the reason was protection, while others claim it was war. The movie revolves around one of these legends where The Great Wall is China’s first and last defense against a horde of alien monsters named “The Taotie.” The Nameless Order is a military order of men and women commissioned by the imperial court of the Song dynasty to defend humanity against this threat. After being attacked by a strange beast during their quest and losing several of their fellow travelers, European mercenaries William Gaarin (Matt Damon) and Pero Tovar (Pedro Pascal) are dragged into this war against the Taotie. However, as they hit the jackpot within The Great Wall’s armory, the fate of humanity lies upon whether they decide to choose greed or to finally become the heroes the Nameless Order needs them to be.

“The Great Wall” is great during action sequences, featuring a massive secret order against an army of blood-lusting monsters. They also didn’t ruin it by having Commander Lin Mae (Jing Tian) and Gaarin fall into some fast-paced romance that didn’t suit either character. Before the movie came out, it was accused of whitewashing and creating a racist atmosphere with a typical “white savior” movie. However, the movie doesn’t really give that impression as the Chinese characters have stronger roles than the mercenaries. Their sense of family is also stronger than Gaarin and Tovar’s sense of brotherhood. The movie is good for anybody who likes to watch pure action movies with a sense of horror. The criticisms were too exaggerated and overlooked the fact that the movie was just another great blockbuster.

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