Staff Editorial

Kendra Brown, Senior Reporter & Managing Editor

In finishing this issue, the Student Voice has struggled, like many people, in keeping up with the news. But we take this struggle seriously because it’s our job to inform our readers how changes happening locally, nationally and globally affect them.

House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the Republicans’ American Health Care Act from consideration in Congress March 24 when it became clear it didn’t have the votes to pass. This pushed the Student Voice back since we had a major story written about the former plan to repeal Obamacare.

If the Affordable Care Act would have been repealed and replaced by the American Health Care Act, about 29.8 million people would have lost health coverage and been greatly affected. Now, since the law has been pulled, readers may be wondering what the next step is. It’s a big change to a lot of people who had worries over their hearts. It’s also a change to those who weren’t worried before but are worried now.

Speaking of being worried, some students in our school and our community are now concerned that a loved one may be deported back to their home country. About 35,604 undocumented immigrants have been deported throughout the country since Trump took office. Some students have been pulled over by the police and questioned about their immigration status and some are stressed out that maybe one day they will be too.

We, as journalists, recognize our part in informing our readers of what’s happening in the news. We are aware that there are news outlets that provide fake news to readers. It’s important for our readers to know the news we share is not part of a scam. We do our best to provide reliable news to everyone. It’s important to let our readers know what’s going on in our country, what is important, the latest trends and even the latest problems and issues.

The Student Voice will continue to do our jobs as journalists and provide readers with updates as soon as possible. Like everyone else, we struggle to understand and figure out the changes being made in our country and our community, but we know it’s more important than ever.

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