Review: Nintendo Switch

Azam Khan, Senior Reporter

Developer: Nintendo

Rating: ⭑⭑½

Genre: Gaming

The Nintendo Switch gaming console, released March 3, changes how Nintendo users play games. Older systems made from Nintendo didn’t allow mobility. This is the first console that allows players to leave their house and play out in the open without having to connect to a television. For example, players can be on a plane and keep right on gaming. The controller itself is comfortable and smooth without buffering.

The game that released with the Nintendo Switch is “Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.” The graphics on the Switch are vivid and colorful. The screen resolution is especially beautiful when you’re playing the Switch outside as compared to playing with a tablet. Nintendo users can take off the joycons on either side of the Switch and have one in each hand and relax while playing a game. The internet feature is available for online Nintendo players.

However, the Switch has had a painful launch. When gamers first bought it, there were already permanent scratches on the screen. Some people broke the console because it’s fragile and it had other technical issues.

A recommendation would be to get accessories like the pro-controller, which is a separate controller for another player, and a screen protector to prevent any permanent scratches. It would be good if the Switch had a portable charger, to make the console truly mobile. The battery power for the Switch dies in approximately two hours.

Although the Switch is fine, it should have been released in November because of the holidays like previous consoles. Nintendo fans who want this product should wait on getting the Switch until more games come out.


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