Review: Mad Love by Jojo

Kenise Brown, News Editor


It’s been a decade since pop-star singer Jojo dropped her second studio album. Now the star is out with her third studio album, “Mad Love.” The singer talks about her life and the experiences she went through from the past years. The first single from her album, “No Apologies,” features rapper Wiz Khalifa. As the hip-hop star raps in the song, you can infer that he’s been in the same predicament and experience as the pop star.

Throughout the entire album, listeners will be relaxed and will relate to the issues and experiences Jojo has been through. However, the singer could’ve changed her sound a little over the course of the album as some songs sound similar, like the guitar melodies in “No Apologies” and “FAB”. And the title song “Mad Love” sounds like Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain.” The singer should’ve worked more on the album since some songs sounds like she just wrote each of them in 30 seconds, recorded them and put them on the album. Overall, the album is chill to listen to, but it is not the hype. This album is recommended to people who are 16 and older and love pop music.

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