Parent involvement in school matters

Kendra Brown


The school’s parent-teacher organization is in need of parent commitment for the benefit of the school and the students.

“The first meetings start with about five percent of all parents, maybe 20 came. Now we have a core group of maybe four parents who come,” social studies teacher Joseph Timpanaro said.

The PTO is an organization in which parents work together for the benefit of their children and the school.

Timpanaro said the PTO members promoted the PTO meetings at the beginning of the school year.

“We promote during our Back to School Night and gain interest through our parent broadcast system,” Timpanaro said.

At the March 7 PTO meeting, only eight parents attended, along with two alumni.

“The meeting went very well. We discussed the creation of a non-profit organization called Friends of UACHS,” Timpanaro said. “We discussed our two fundraisers, the tricky tray at Park Tavern and the Applebee’s breakfast. At the end, parents also vented and gave each other advice on how to get their kids to wake up and get to school on time and just care.”

The PTO needs a helpful and supportive community. Involvement can improve the school overall, as well as the experiences of individual students.

We need more involvement from the parents because we need their input and ideas for the development of the school and students. Parents could be more involved in their child’s education as well by working with the PTO. Attending the PTO meetings shows that parents are taking the time and effort for the benefit of the school and the student. More commitment from parents may result in more commitment from students.

“The more parents, the more volunteers, the more ideas, the more donations, the more money that can be raised, the more initiatives we can start, more events, dances, etc. Teachers are often too busy to do any more extracurricular activities,” Timpanaro said.

Some parents are not available to join the meetings due to their job or things that may come up in their schedule. But a way for parents to help is to maybe call or email a member of the PTO to offer any ideas. Every voice and idea counts. Even if some parents can only stay 30 minutes, they will have an idea or voice that counts as well.

Teachers and parents working together to help their school and their community can result in successful partnerships that make a positive impact on their schools.

“Getting parents to share the load is big. Furthermore, if the parents have partnerships in the community, we can connect with them and create more internships and build other vital bridges,” Timpanaro said.

The PTO can be a success if there is dedication and communication among the parents and fellow PTO members.

I think the school needs better communication and expectations for parents,” Timpanaro said.

“There should be a compact for parents to sign and agree to at the beginning of the year with specific roles for them during the year. We need updated phone numbers and addresses, we need email addresses and cell phone numbers.”

The best thing the PTO can do right now is to continue working with the parents who consistently come to the meetings. Those parents can work together to help develop the school as well as the students as much as they can. The school can continue to contact parents as they always have and spread the message about the PTO. Those parents can share their ideas with the PTO and a change can be made within our school. Hopefully, in the future,more parents will want to join.


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