Students need gum, cell phones


Illustration by Keith Baltazar

Tatyana Reed

Recently, the school cracked down on cell phone use in school, even during lunch. Even though the school is trying to reduce the drama that cell phone use can cause and the distractions from students paying attention in classes, there is a better way of fixing the problem.

Students should not be on their phone during class, but allowing students to use their phones during their lunch period will lessen the urge of them wanting to use it during the time they are not allowed. The reason students can’t use phones is because of how some students used them during lunch, so the lunch monitors should only punish those students. And students who see their friends using their phone in a bad way should be a better friend and tell them they shouldn’t do whatever they’re doing. While switching classes and having lunch, students should be given the opportunity to use their devices.

When students first heard of the new rule, many of them were outraged and the first thing they wanted to do was go against the rules by using their phone in class. Telling the students that they can’t use their phone while at lunch basically gives them no free time, so they turn and use them in what they might consider their “free classes,” which is usually a class the student is not doing anything in or finding not important. Unfortunately, there will always be students who will still act up, but the simple solution for that is to punish them and not the entire school for a few students’ actions.

Another rule that was added recently is  “no gum chewing.”  When representatives from the New Jersey Department of Education visited the school, they said that gum chewing in class gave a “not interested” look for students in class. The very next day Lugo announced it on the loudspeaker, and the whole school went into a loud groan: yes, another rule. However, the rule only seemed to be followed for about a week, and now it’s barely enforced. Many students didn’t follow the rules due to the fact that it was just an addition to the pile of rules the school already has. When a school continues to add rules that may not make sense to students, that’s when they pick and choose which ones they want to follow.The only solution to that is: get rid of any rules that don’t make sense.

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